Qlik Sense Demo Applications

Please find our library of fully functioning demo applications below:

  Communication   Branches and Functions  
  Financial Sector   Healthcare  
  Pharmaceutical   Production  
  Public Sector   Trade and Services  


Sales performance of a telco company

Customer Experience Analysis

Customer Serrvice and Call Center

Marketing Analysis


Financial Sector

Insurance Claims

Risk Adjusted Performance Management

Sales and Trading Analytics

 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Finance Toolkit

Different departments of insurance company

Loan Portfolio for a bank

Wealth Sales



Diabetes Discovery

Orthopaedic Clinical Variations

Hospital Readmissions

Patient Costing



Pharma Field Sales Performance

Pharma Market Share Analysis

Pharmaceutical R&D Pipeline Analysis



Overall Equipment Efficiency

Manufacturing Output and Loss Analysis

Plant Operations

Tesla Supercharger Coverage


Public Sector

Opioid Crysis Analysis

Situational Awareness


Trade and Services

Digital Consumer Analytics - Shoe Retail

CPG Market Share Analysis

Retail Margin Erosion

Store Site Selection