The new generation of data visualization, data analysis and distribution platform by Qlik

Next to providing the best data visualization tool Qlik is democratizing BI, so everyone with different skillsets on your team can access, learn and use its advantages. The Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) is a developer platform for building custom analytic applications based on rich frontend and backend APIs.

The developer's dream

Develop anything easily from a simple mashup to a complex integrated web applications and visualizations. Embed fully interactive analytics.

Use our library of modern visualization to build any dashboard and application.

Stay ahead of the game - provide max value to your customers by using our solutions.  You require a unique type of license agreement, that is why we have a wide range of variations. You can find the one you need.

The developer's joy

Developers gain acces to our QIX (Qlik Associative Indexing Engine) drive and visualization library that will help them build their own applications.

Standard, modern APIs help you embed your applications wherever you need them.

Fast even on mobile

The stronges, most reliable BI tool thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies such as associative data model and in memory engine.


You no longer have to ask the IT department for new analyses or reports. Even casual PC users can work with Qlik Sense

Smart visualizations

QAP displays results in dashboards that suit your needs and taste the best.

 Discover, collaborate, analyze and act

Put the most complex platform of data discovery and analysis in then hands's of your team members. Empower them to deal with and understand huge volumes of data. Visualization and decison-making in one.