Corporate Planning AG

Corporate Planning AG is a well-renowned software distributor funded in Hamburg in 1989. They specialize in developing and implementing softwares for corporate financial planning and governance.

With regional and international offices in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, German and the Netharlands CP is a well-received tool for maximizing efficiency in more than 2800 companies worldwide. Feel free to make your job easier with CP!

CP - Corporate Planner is an integrated, planning, analysing and reporting tool created for instant analysis of business data and securing proactive corporate governance. It can be used in every functional area.

Corporate Planner is a market leader according to Gartner and BARC as well

We are proud to be the only Hungarian distributor of CP - the strategic planning and reporting tool that has been regarded as a leader in every aspect of Gartner's study about the 25 biggest distributors of planning softwares. 

A BARC study commissioned to find out users' experience of 24 KPI has shown the CP is a top-tier solution in regards of 15 of the KPIs examined. Users are satisfied with all of the modules.



CP Suite

Supports strategic and operational managerment.

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Flexible and simple, filled with business administration functions.

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Corporate liquidity management for controlling cash-flow and optimising interest.

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CP clients

Planning, analysis and reporting the way it is the most convenient for you.

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CP Risk

Identify, assess, analyse, communicate   and monitor the risks.

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High quality consolidation even for the biggest companies.

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Strategic Planner

Strategic planning and analysis

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Balanced ScoreCard

CP Balanced Scorecard. Puts your strategies into action

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CP providesd detailed bottom-up and top-down planning, starting from higher hieararchical levels, or you can combine both if that is what suits your company needs best.

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Services and solutions

  • Integrated financial planning
  • Multi year planning
  • More data streams availabel at the same time (factual data, running expenses, alternate plans, etc.)
  • Gap analysis
  • Simulations and scenarios

  • Investment-management, loan-tracking
  • Setting aggregation levels by the user, regardless of functional area or branch
  • Information about cost and fluctuation that help forecasting
  • Distribution set by the user
  • Trend analysis


Corporate Planner provides analytic opportunities with only one click:

  • Terv-tény összehasonlítás
  • Gap-analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Drill-down technology
  • Breakaway point analysis
  • 80/20 Pareto analysis
  • Business graphs
  • Key Ratio (ROA, ROE, etc.) analyses
  • Time-series analysis

Analysis of huge sets of data with CP-Suite and Qlik Sense. Discover new ways of  corporate governance:

  • consolidation of data from different sources in one application
  • limitles association of data
  • secure platform for real-time co-operation and decision-making
  • powerful data visualization
  • choose your preferred device - PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone
  • "What if" simulations

The countless flexible simulation features of Corporate Planner provide immediate answers to your questions. Show the results of different scenarios on graphs and compare them for your business needs.


With the help of a variety of report templates, you can set up a reporting system that is geared to its users. Each line manager, head of department or chief executive receives the information intended for him exactly when he needs it. The report templates need only be defined once and are then always ready to use. The values are adjusted automatically. 

All analyses are dynamic and can be adjusted and extended as desired. You might, for instance, vary the objects on display, the underlying data streams, the time spans or the presentation format.

Open to all data from all sources

Corporate Planner automatically imports your existing data sets from Excel and every other database. It deals easily with ASCII format or any othr XML source system.

Several agreements have been made with ERP distributors to provide secure two-way data binding between CP and the companies' previously used systems. You can reach logging data with just a few clicks.

Advantages at first sight

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Automated data load from different sources
  • Database and file management
  • Short implementation period
  • Can be used in all areas and all functions of corporate governance
  • Increased visibility helps decision making
  • Flexibility to fulfill personal needs and requirements
  • Kész üzleti modellek az azonnali alkalmazhatósághoz
  • Time-saving planning and simulation functions
  • Professional, dynamic reports
  • Integrated financial planner provides long term liquidity